Support endangered species with an internship

Many of our partners appreciate support by volunteer engagement on site.

We can assist with the choice of the right project and provide you with contact information. Alternatively, you are invited to get in touch with our partners by yourself.

Please be aware, that all of our partners' budget is needed for their conservation work. Therefore, it is usually not possible to pay a salary or to reimburse travelling expenses.

As the organisation of our association is mainly carried out in an honorary capacity and the campaigners are allocated all over Germany or even worldwide, there is currently no way to do an internship at ZGAP.

Internship in Indonesia

The "Cikananga Conservation Breeding Centre" - short CCBC - on the isle of Java aims at protecting endangered species with the help of focused breeding programs.

Internship in Cambodia

The "Angkor Centre for Conservation of Biodiversity" (ACCB) is located in Northwest Cambodia. It has set up breeding programs for selected endagered species and aims at establishing stable populations. It is also working as a training center for the local population. Furthermore, ACCB is contributing to in situ measures and ecologically oriented (outdoor) research.